This is an industrial project in collaboration with Hitachi for Royal College of art. In this project, we were aiming to design a High Speed Train 2 starting from London to Birmingham.  Our concept for this train is Time Flow. The design would encourage our commuters to use their time more efficiently whilst on our train, separating consumers into three groups. Passive for people who need concentrated and private time, Mixed which is a section for couples or individual travellers, Active zone, for families and group travellers which allows them to bond during the journey. The ombre effect on the exterior is used to add coherence to the separated sections. My role in this project is designing the exterior shell with a solid hollow yet robust glass structure held together by fabric to create the exterior effect.

Hitachi & Royal college of Art, 2016 

In collaboration with Vehicle designer Anand Asinkar, Textile designer Rianna Norbert-David, Information Design Experience Jungwon Jung