The small scale model is representing igloo without affected by the greenhouse effect, with the climate change caused by human activities, the igloo is melting and it has become an open igloo like the installation. the colours of the northern light are used to create a experienced that could not be experienced in the UK. The structure is inspired by the quilting technique. Quilting is a traditional technique in textile which uses found scrap fabrics to recreate a whole new piece of textile. I have interpreted quilting as shapes being coached together. Marbled acrylic pieces are representing the stitches to attach pieces of glass together. Found fabrics are used to quilt, likewise, 250 recycled wine glass bottles used to create the structure. They are all collected from the elephant and castle pub and the lodge hotel in Wandsworth. All of the glass pieces are cut and sanded by hand.  

Hand and Lock The prize 2016 Finalist
Limehouse Town Hall September 2016