My inspiration came from the bible story of Genesis. It (Genesis 2:7) said, a man was made from the dust of the ground and with a breath of God, the man became a living being. When we are dead, we might be buried into the ground. Everything starts from the ground and returns to the ground. It is like a cycle of life. That is why my aim is to create bio-degradable textile from food that is grown and can be decomposed into the ground. The objects were made out of honeydew melon and watermelon skins which are organic and bio-degradable. After the skins are dehydrated, they look and feel like waxed paper. Natural dyes were used to colour the curvy edges of the honeydew melon skins. The pigments were red cabbages, beetroot and indigo which provide red, pink, blue and purple colours. Due to the fact that the material is organic, it transmits a very light sweet smell but it does not stay long after being exposed to the air. The sculptures are like living objects, their colours and appearances change after a long period of time. 

Chelsea College of Arts Degree Show 2015
Lacey Contemporary 2015
OXO Tower Float Art Oct 2015